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J. Wright Rouse

Are You There God? Remember Me?

When Antoinette got married, she thought it would be forever and always. Unfortunately, this forever only lasted 5 years. 

After a very painful divorce, low self-esteem, loss of her job and other family matters, she thought life was over. She had lost her friends and more importantly, herself. She was alone now, didn’t know where to go and who to talk to. 

It was time to find her again, but where would she look?



When the storms of life come at you much like the storms of the world, isn’t it easiest to just get out of the storm?


Where would you go? What would you do? How would you get through it?


Sometimes a simple covering of an umbrella isn’t enough. Sometimes what we seek as shelter cannot withstand the storm. There has to be some way to get through it or at least a way to get out of it.


Are you weather proof?

The Adventures of Little Dominique - The beginning of J. Wright Rouse Caribbean Children's Book Series with Daniel In The Lion's Den - Children's Book Series.

Follow Dominique as she explores her own Caribbean surroundings, learns valuable life lessons and shares her experiences with those around her who in turn, learn some wonderful life lessons.

This is the introduction to the series of Little Dominique books and her world of family and friends as she grows, travels the world seeking fun, adventure and lots of wonderful knowledge

Denise Arlene

The Prophet: Revelation - 

Cassandra Stephens, known to her family and friends as Cassie, was the sort of girl everyone wanted to be, wanted to be around and wanted her life. 

Sometimes what you see isn’t always what you get. Cassie knew something was missing and knew all her life she had always been different but couldn’t understand why until that day of revelation. 

Nothing would be the same again.

D. M. Springer

Steadfast Shame - 

A man should be a man at all times and has the right to do as he pleases.

God may be in control of some things but not in the life of William Thompson.  

William may attend the local church and even listen to some of the services but as a man of strength, he looks out for himself and after himself. Until…

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Other coming soon news and updates:

  1. Official release & campaign of "Thoughts And Missions For Your Day - (31 Day Edition)" a daily devotion by J. Wright Rouse (Published by Rouse Ministries)  - TBA

  2. Coming soon through Rouse Ministries (Publishing Division):

           Are You There God? Remember Me? by J. Wright Rouse

           Solace In The Storm by J. Wright Rouse

           The Prophet: Revelation by Denise Arlene

           Proverbial Points of Power (31 Day Edition) by J. Wright Rouse

           Steadfast Shame by D. M. Springer

           My Ten Commandments For God by J. Wright Rouse

           Solace In The Storm by J. Wright Rouse  

3. Coming soon through Daniel In The Lion's Den-Children's Book Series:

            The Adventures of Little Dominique by J. Wright Rouse

            Prayers For The Puppy by J. Wright Rouse

            Yes Jesus Loves Me by J. Wright Rouse

            The ABCs from Heaven by J. Wright Rouse

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