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A Father's Love: Positioned For Prayer -

A touching true story of the near death o
f a daughter and her father at birth, the trials of life through the years of the eventual revelation of deep Godly love at his untimely death.

A bond for all eternity.
A Father's Love: Positioned For Prayer

Daniel In The Lion's Den - Children Books Available

When The Baby Arrives –

The Carpenter family are expecting more than they planned for this Christmas. Their twin boys, Daniel and TJ are not pleased at all. Not everything at Christmas comes in a box, wrapped and tied with a nice bow and ribbon. 

Can the brothers stop this special delivery? 

Maybe they will just have to prepare themselves for this wonderful gift and accept it as a blessing in disguise.


When The Baby Arrives

If I’m Important, You Are Too

It is never easy being different, being new or just not fitting in. Bullying is something that everyone can do without. It’s time to make a change and make a difference. 

How can we turn things around? 

Who will be first to be a friend? 

Will it be you? 

We all need friendship…

If I'm Important You Are Too


It’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3 but much more fun when done together or with friends. 

Sharing time and sharing numbers is a very special time.


A little light into darkness always makes a world of a difference.

There is no fear when you let your light shine.

There is no fear when your world lights up.

There is no fear when you boldly make the darkness go away.

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